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  1. DigiCert Partners with Wireless Broadband Alliance for Next-Gen WiFi Security

    Secure Wi-Fi Network

    It’s estimated that by 2018 over 10.5 million new WiFi hotspots will be deployed—and that number is only going to grow. To help make sure that the ongoing deployment of seamless, interoperable, and global WiFi networks is secure, DigiCert has joined the Wireless Broadband Alliance (WBA) and Wi-Fi Alliance. DigiCert is the first Certificate Authority…

  2. What Google Rank Boost for HTTPS Means for Web Security

    Secure HTTPS Sites Get Google Rank Benefit

    Always On SSL or HTTPS everywhere ensures that any and all information online is secure. Google recently announced that they would give a boost to websites that made the decision to secure all visitor information and any type of communication online. We’ve searched for experts in a number of fields to see what they have…

  3. Google Gives SSL-Secured Sites Search Ranking Boost

    Online Data Security Update

    DigiCert believes that communication should be secure; always, and by default. And the official word from Google is “ALL.” On August 6, Google announced that it will begin to give a ranking boost to SSL-secured websites. This means that SSL Certificates are now a ranking factor in Google’s online search algorithm. HTTPS everywhere, Google’s Ilya Grigorik and…

  4. New OpenSSL Security Updates, No Major Security Threats

    Top SSL Lifecycle Management Problems

    On August 6, 2014, developers at OpenSSL released new updates to resolving nine previously reported security issues categorized with a severity of moderate or less. This next round of updates to the widely-used OpenSSL library, that most servers on the Internet rely on to implement secure SSL/TLS connections, shows that the project is actively promoting…

  5. Fix for an Expired Intermediate SSL Certificate Chain

    Customer Notification

    On July 26,2014 at 12:15 PM, some customers and users on sites secured by DigiCert reported that they were getting an untrusted certificate error. The problem is related to a locally installed legacy intermediate certificate that is no longer used and no longer required for the certificate installation. The problem can affect any client platform with…