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  1. Certificate Monitoring & Express Install: SSL Management Made Easy

    Today DigiCert announced the opening of our CertCentral BETA program and the rollout of two new, innovative certificate management services: Certificate Monitoring and Express Install. The core features in CertCentral include: Certificate Monitoring: Monitoring gives organizations insight into global certificate issuance in order to prevent unauthorized certificates and prevent fraud. Certificate Inspection: Inspection makes certificate discovery and inventory…

  2. Certificate Inspector: Agent Deployment Strategies

    Secure People from Social Engineering

    Using a certificate management platform reduces the stress of obtaining SSL Certificates and managing existing ones. However, the tools that you use to manage your certificates are only as effective as you make them. The Certificate Inspector platform from DigiCert includes an agent that you install on networks that you want to scan. Using the agent…

  3. Certificate Inspector: Port Scanning Recommendations

    Enterprise SSL Inventory Management

    DigiCert Certificate Inspector allows admins to scan and map their certificate landscape, check for vulnerabilities, and analyze the data through different reports. However, Certificate Inspector will only report data that was given to it by it’s scanning agents. Certificate Inspector scanning agents can be configured to scan domains or IP ranges and specific ports. If you…