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  1. Kill the Fax Machine, Enable Secure Information Exchange

    Fast forward to this interesting article from Christopher Null of PCWorld titled “Why the fax machine still lives (and how to kill it).” Though there might still be a few purposes for fax machines, DigiCert is participating in some initiatives to help bring us forward to a better, more secure way of transferring data. The…

  2. Mobile Banking Creates Serious Security Concerns

    Secure Mobile BYOD

    Of all the mobile apps out there your personal banking app is likely to be the most secure, right? Wrong! A researcher recently discovered several security vulnerabilities in 40 personal banking apps from 60 of the world’s biggest banks. The research also found that almost half of the apps tested do not validate the authenticity…

  3. Is Data in the Cloud Data at Risk?

    Ensuring Cloud Data Security

    Everyone is talking about “the cloud”, but is enough emphasis being placed on securing the cloud? The general trend recently has been to move more of the day-to-day business applications to the cloud. Typical tasks we perform that requires installing software, is now provider by cloud services over a browser and is accessible in a matter of…