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  1. DigiCert is First Certificate Authority Compatible with Google Certificate Transparency

    DigiCert is the first Certificate Authority to enable compatibility with Google’s Certificate Transparency initiative. Last month, we announced our plans to implement Certificate Transparency (CT) and committed to offer customers the option of adding certificates to Certificate Transparency¬†logs by the end of October. Today, we are pleased to announce that we met this goal. The…

  2. DigiCert OCSP-Stapling Improves NGINX Server Security

    OCSP Security for NGINX Servers

    DigiCert support of OCSP-Staling/MUST STAPLE means improved security for NGINX as it passes Apache as the server of choice among top sites on the Internet. Beginning with the NGINX release of version 1.2.0, significant improvements were made to http proxy support. The use of OCSP-Stapling, means that the growing number of top sites on the…

  3. Dyn Partners With DigiCert to Offer SSL Certificates

    Dyn DigiCert SSL Partnership

    Organizations that deliver a fantastic customer experience do so because they can focusing their core competencies in order to maintain the service levels they know their customers deserve. Dyn solutions enable effective Internet performance. Their traffic management, messaging services, and service level performance assurance enables Dyn users to better serve their core audiences in delivering…