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  1. Always-On SSL Means New Life for Privacy and Security Online

    Securing Online Privacy and Data Concerns

    With the amount consumer dependency on technology services today, it’s critical that enterprises take the necessary precautions to ensure that security and privacy are key elements. Doing this will enhance their customer relationship and lead to greater trust in enterprise services. Forrester recently reported that 84% of users don’t believe enterprises are doing enough to…

  2. DigiCert Partners with Wireless Broadband Alliance for Next-Gen WiFi Security

    Secure Wi-Fi Network

    It’s estimated that by 2018 over 10.5 million new WiFi hotspots will be deployed—and that number is only going to grow. To help make sure that the ongoing deployment of seamless, interoperable, and global WiFi networks is secure, DigiCert has joined the Wireless Broadband Alliance (WBA) and Wi-Fi Alliance. DigiCert is the first Certificate Authority…

  3. Can Multi-Factor Authentication Prevent a Data Breach?

    Which SSL Certificate

    Over 40 million customer credit cards and 70 million data files were lost in the Target customer data breach, but the question remains, could multi-factor authentication have prevented the attack? Brian Krebs on his Krebs on Security blog pointed out that sources have confirmed that the data breach happened because of stolen log in details…

  4. Enterprise Defense From Security Threats, Cyber Attacks, and Data Leakage

    Enterprise Data Security Defense

    Information technology and data has become such a key component of doing business that threats to information management resources alone have the potential to bring any enterprise business to a halt. Threats to data and network resources exist from malicious sources as well as unintentional user mistakes. IBM reports that in 2013 there were over…

  5. How PKI Can Fix Security in the Internet of Things

    Security in the Internet of Things

    In a recent presentation at the Defcon security conference, Mark Stanislav and Zach Lanier from Duo Security outlined the current problems and threats that Internet of Things (IoT) devices face and how we can address the data security concerns of individuals worried about personal privacy in the IoT. The research from the team at Duo…