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  1. 5 Tools SSL Admins In The Security Industry Should Be Using

    DigiCert Tools

    At DigiCert, we ask ourselves this question on a daily basis: How can we make our customers’ jobs easier? You already have it pretty easy. Managing a complex network composed of dozens of domains, hundreds of servers, and thousands of PCs and devices stretched across multiple continents. Not to mention regular software and hardware upgrades,…

  2. 85% of Organizations Still Manage SSL Encryption with Spreadsheets

    Managed PKI SSL Services

    According to a Forrester study, 84% of users don’t believe organizations are doing enough to protect customer data online. According to the same study, 24% of users have actually stopped an online purchase because of security concerns. Managing online security and the reputation for secure systems is a challenge all enterprises face today. In addition…

  3. Microsoft Announces New EV Code Signing Requirements

    What is EV SSL?

    Cybercriminals today target critical and sensitive data by repackaging popular free applications and infecting them with malware, spyware, adware, and Trojans. BitDefender reports that 1.2% of all mobile applications are legitimate applications that have been repackaged to deliver ads and collect user information. On December 3, 2013, Microsoft announced that starting on March 15, 2014,…

  4. The Winds of Change Brings Customer Service to Security

    Customer Service Security Changes

    Not every Certificate Authority has a blog, but most companies seem to think that having a blog is part of being in business. The question, though should be: Is it really worth it? A blog can be a powerful conversation tool to create brand awareness, educate customers and engage audiences on topics important to them. The existence of a…

  5. SSL Certificates Trusted By Every Major Browser

    SSL Trusted by All Browsers

    When you purchase an SSL Certificate, the last thing you want is your users getting the dreaded “not trusted” error. It’s critical that when you select an SSL provider, that you go with a high assurance Certificate Authority that is trusted by every possible browser your users may be using. Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) technology on your…