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  1. Automating Certificate Management: How SSL APIs Work

    DigiCert Tools

    An application programming interface (API) is a software-to-software interface which allows applications to communicate with one another without human intervention. The DigiCert SSL management REST APIs provide a secure and easy to integrate way for administrators to manage certificate lifecycle and automate the process of purchasing and deploying SSL Certificates across their network. The combination…

  2. How the Green Bar in Extended Validation SSL Was Born

    What is EV SSL?

    DigiCert is one of the original founding members of the CA/Browser Forum industry working group working to advance the requirements and guidelines for secure operations by Certificate Authorities around the world. Guidelines set by the CA/Browser Forum are enforceable by globally accepted auditing organizations and the browser and operating system root store operators. DigiCert participates…

  3. The Benefits of Managed PKI Services for SSL Certificates

    Managed PKI SSL Services

    Traditional Public Key Infrastructure (PKI) has been done by tracking SSL Certificate usage on spreadsheets. Keeping track of dozens or hundreds of certificates on your server environment can quickly before a headache for administrators in charge of enterprise security. Retail SSL Certificates is effective for issuing individuals certificates for organizations that only need a handful of SSLs…

  4. Delivering “Chuck Norris-Approved” SSL Customer Service

    Great SSL Customer Service

    Customer support at DigiCert is unlike any other type of technical support. Every day, DigiCert SSL engineers with with server and network administrators from all sizes of organizations. Customer service team members can answer basic sales calls for an individual setting up a personal web site, then turn around and join a conference call with government…

  5. Faster, Better, Smarter: One-Click CSR

    Great SSL Customer Service

    If there’s anything we want more of in this world it’s convenience. We demand things move faster and more efficiently, saving us time and making us more productive. If something takes more than a minute it’s wasting valuable time. We move quickly and want our technology to move even faster. We use our phones to…