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  1. New gTLDs Impact on Internal Enterprise Security

    gTLD Securing New Domain Extensions

    It’s common practice for network administrators to use internal non-public top level domain extension as a way to extend resource naming within their corporate network and help users differentiate between resources within and outside of their corporate network. Product documentation often encouraged administrators to use these extensions in order to differential internal vs. external network…

  2. Which SSL Certificate Do I Need?

    Which SSL Certificate

    Although not the most critical choice you may have to make today, picking the right SSL Certificate is still an important choice that has big implications for server security. Picking an SSL Certificate is step 37 out of 48 things you probably need to do in order to deploy a new server. Being just one…

  3. DigiCert OCSP-Stapling Improves NGINX Server Security

    OCSP Security for NGINX Servers

    DigiCert support of OCSP-Staling/MUST STAPLE means improved security for NGINX as it passes Apache as the server of choice among top sites on the Internet. Beginning with the NGINX release of version 1.2.0, significant improvements were made to http proxy support. The use of OCSP-Stapling, means that the growing number of top sites on the…