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  1. EV Green Means Trust at First Site

    Green EV SSL Certificate

    In life, people go to great lengths to establish trust. It’s been said that it takes years to build trust and only seconds to destroy it. In today’s fast-paced, blink-and-be-left-behind business world you don’t have years to establish confidence. In fact, you usually have seconds at best. Extended Validation (EV) certificates provide an immediate, impactful,…

  2. SSL vs. TLS: The Future of Data Encryption

    SSL Trusted by All Browsers

    From a functionality standpoint, SSL and TLS are almost identical: TLS also encrypts data in transit and requires a “handshake” between two authorized servers before it spills its contents. In a recent article from Tom’s Guide on security trends, Marshall Honorof writes about SSL protocol and the likelihood that the NSA has already cracked it. He…

  3. Which SSL Certificate Do I Need?

    Which SSL Certificate

    Although not the most critical choice you may have to make today, picking the right SSL Certificate is still an important choice that has big implications for server security. Picking an SSL Certificate is step 37 out of 48 things you probably need to do in order to deploy a new server. Being just one…